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Office Timings

8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Rules & Regulation

Students should come to school regularly, in time and dressed neatly in school uniform.

Students must bring all the required books, note books and school diary to school daily.

Students must take care of the school property. Any damage caused in science lab, computer lab, audio-visual room etc. by any student will have to be compensated by that student.

Every student is expected to behave in a refined and dignified manner everywhere. Any pupil found using abusive language will be suspended from the school.

No child is allowed to carry anything pke toys, magazines or mobile phones etc.

The student himself/herself is responsible for his books, belongings and money etc. valuable articles, gold ornaments etc. should not be brought to school.

Applying mehandi or tattooing etc. is not allowed for school students. No one should even seek permission for the same. If done, the pupil will be suspended for at least 15 days.

Students are not allowed to bring the vehicles in the school. Vehicles parked outside the school premises are not the responsibipty of the school management.

Parents are requested to ensure that their wards have Tiffin’s with them when they leave for school in the morning.

Pupil who is sick should not be sent to school to attend the classes or exams. Submit leave apppcation and medical certificate.

Students are supposed to wear proper uniform. Low waist narrow pants or any accessories are not allowed. Girls can wear only small earrings or studs if they want.

Students are requested to speak in Engpsh in the school.

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