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My crisis to develop Play Ways Sr. Sec. School into a dynamic and productive institution has seen many phases and the seedling has blossomed far wide ranging academic pursuits. Education is the basis for creating a society. In the coming times, education along with knowledge and skills will become the prerequisite to success. We have to strive and make children success in all their endeavors. Our role as parents/teachers should be to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to achieve their goals and deal effectively with day to day situations in the long run. We at Play Ways Senior Secondary School have competent teachers, who are doing their best to fulfill the aspirations of all those who have very faithfully handed over the children to us. We work very hard at Play Ways Senior Secondary School to create a happy well ordered and friendly atmosphere in which students feel that they are recognized and valued as individuals. The ranges of activities in this school are enormous and the students are encouraged strongly to make good use of their talents in the belief that they will find something at which they can excel. The discovery of new talents and skills breeds self confidence. According to me learning never ceases to exist. We at Play Ways Sr. Sec. school have made a promise to ourselves to make sure that every student who passes from our institution is the perfect example of a student , an athlete, a decision maker, a smart individual and a leader all combined in one. Our task is to bring hidden gems to light and then to clean, cut and polish every one until they gleam. We are dedicated to the proven liberal ideals of education. We educate for life, and aim to give the students who arrive as children and leave as young adults, something that will help them to gain self-confidence and a sense of achievement that ultimately prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead.

Mr. Rajdeep singh
(Managing Director)

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