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House System

“It is not growing like a tree . . . . . .

In bulk doth make man better be. . . .

In small proportion we just beauties see,

And in short measure life may prefect be,”

The house system has a special relevance at P.W.S.S.S. The school is divided into three houses – Courage, Wisdom and Virtue. It is a structured community within which students develop the feelings of loyalty, responsibility of living in a society. The houses compete in a wide variety of fields like dance, music, debate, quiz, dramatics, sports, tournaments etc. In fact these competitions encourage them to explore their hidden talent. All the students from classes 3rd onwards are divided into three houses.

Points are awarded to each house throughout the year based on several curricular and co-curricular activities. The house bagging maximum number of points is declared the best house at the end of each term.

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