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The school academic session starts in the first week of April every year and ends on March 31st of the subsequent year.

Registration /Admission Forms are available at the school admission offices which have to be duly filled and submitted to the admission in charge. Registration entitles a student to appear for an interview or admission test but under no circumstances guarantees a seat or admission to the school; however the admission will only be finalized on the basis of student’s test or interview and on the availability of the seats. If there are additional forms then admission for nursery is through draw system. We have special seat for those who have right to education act.

Step by step procedure

  • You will need to purchase the prospectus for the 2014-15 sessions from the school reception.

  • The registration form is enclosed in the prospectus has to be duly filled and submitted

  • Along with the registration form, you will have to submit the documents as mentioned in the prospectus.

Age Requirement:- At the time of admission in class nursery the age of the child on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought should be 3+.

With Draw:- Parents withdrawing their child must give due notice in writing 3 months before otherwise they have to pay the admission fees for the next class.

From steps to footprints:- We prepare your child for the choice, chance and challenge that lay ahead.

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Play Ways Montessori School Admission Form Click here to download
Play Ways Sen. Sec. School Admission Form Click here to download

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